Cheating Captions

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You didn’t understand. She’d made you buy her those expensive shoes, had been nasty to you all that day until you’d given in, and yet you hadn’t once seen her wearing them since.

She always loved saturdays, when her boyfriend was working a twelve hour day. She always made sure she made the most of it.

You were disappointed your wife didn’t want to see the sights - after all, what use was a holiday if she was going to stay in the hotel room the whole time? But you couldn’t convince her to leave. She assured you she didn’t mind you going out without her. In fact she almost pushed you out the door. You just remembered to remind her to leave a tip for the room attendant when he came.

"You’re not supposed to be in here… what if my boyfriend seesyou?" ;)

"Okay but this is the last time…tonight I mean… Yeah just ignore him - my boyfriend can knock all he wants, he doesn’t know what’s going on in here!" ;)