Cheating Captions

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"I’m sorry baby! I’m sorry! It won’t happen again!"
"Oh hey honey… could have sworn I’d locked the door. Why don’t you go back in the bar and forget about this. While you’re there buy me a drink can you?"
"We really shouldn’t… I have a boyfriend…"

Her prudish friends didn’t want to cheat on their boyfriends, but she decided to share anyway, giving them a little taste.

See how easily it goes in? Your girlfriend’s ass has had a LOT of cock. Though strangely enough, none of them have been yours.
"Don’t be a loser honey, it’s nothing. It’s not even going inside."

"Yeah, I need your credit card. No not just one time, I want it in my purse. Why, because you owe me. You never treat me good and buy me presents. Yeah apart from those ones, but they were like nothing. I think I deserve access to your bank account if you want us to keep going on as we are. You know I’m the best girlfriend you’ll get. I mean I’m always faithful to you. Yes, for the last time I promise you I’ve never done anything. I know all your previous girlfriends cheated on you but you have to learn to trust me. What’s that? No, I’m just exercising at the moment. Stop being so paranoid about what you can hear, and stop changing the subject. Now, when can I get your credit card?"

She just couldn’t keep up with all her boyfriend’s friends.
"Yeah, well I’m sucking your best friend’s cock right now! And it’s much bigger than yours! Haha!"